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What is Autobot ?

We invented Autobot.

It is a fully automated system for trading fixed options using the Reborn’s proprietary algorithm called STARLORD.No prior trading or market experience is required — All the burden of trading is handled professionally by Autobot.

We trade the Fixed Option instrument, which is also called Binary Option and it is offered by multiple market brokers such as, Nadex, Binary, CoreLiquidityMarkets, and DukasCopy.

For now Autobot works perfectly with Binary.com. Once you have an account with Binary.com, you only need to provide Reborn with your API Key when signing up, which allows us to access and manage your trading account — The goal is to make consistent profit on your capital.

The Trial involves. NO RISK

We have a 30-day FREE TRIAL available

STARLORD Algorithm delivers

As a Trader or Investor, you are secured with STARLORD.

StarLord wakes up at 1:00:00 AM (GMT 00) every week-day to trade the markets, the algorithm is programmed to adjust the risk management based on your account balance and profit made, the precision of the entries are accurate (zero-lag), and the win-rate of the algorithm as at November was 85.00%.

With 1,533 trades executed in November and Winning 1,320, while losing 233 trades, We returned 41.15%, 22.32% and 30.60% profit on 3 different accounts,
These numbers are only from the REAL account, We also returned profits on Demo accounts too, but real profit comes first.

About Reborn Markets

We've condensed our 5 years+ experience of trading the financial markets to build algorithms for Binary Options and create high performing automated trading systems

The value that we provide is exceedingly important to traders — If you’re a trader, you know that trading is no easy job, your entire performance can be jeopardized by one emotional mishap, you always have to be on the top of your game even if you have a working strategy for trading. Sometimes you have to wake up at odd times to check up on ongoing orders or you missed out on great trades because of a situation beyond your control. Yes, individuals traders deal with these issues and a lot more, we have designed our systems to master risk and safety in addition deliver a percentage profit higher than the average hedge fund benchmark that’s why this is a killer solution.

    Here's what we can do for you;

  • Register an account with Binary.com, connect the account to our service and watch the magic happen
  • Your account grows with a target of 20-70% Monthly
  • We help you take away the burden of trading absolutely, and provide transparent reporting
  • You are never alone because We have an active community and pro-active support help

About Autobot

Our system is Simple, Transparent and Dependable. Our goal is to make our clients' live life while we handle the rest.

How we compare with Hedge Fund Indexes

Index Name YTD AVG. LAST 12M LAST 36M LAST 60M
Reborn Autobot Index › 24.23% 19.14% -% -%
HFRI Asset Weighted Composite Index › 5.30% 4.10% 4.34% 3.05%
HFRI World Index › 6.89% 4.65% 3.22% 2.50%

Things Our Clients Enjoy

Consistent Monthly Returns

Our system is designed for posterity and consistency. For as long as the EURUSD (and other major currencies) continue to exist, We will always swing into action that return profit 85% of the time.

Efficient Reporting & Open Statitics

We deliver account reports weekly and also on days of exceptional performance. All information are available in a public sheet

Giving Back Revenue

We have a referral program which gives 5% of your referral's profit. Our business model is incentivized towards profit making at it's core. Everyone Wins!

Safety Optimized

Our algorithm is exceptional in ensuring balance between risk and reward. Our algorithm studies price market data and growing sentiment among traders to ensure you are protective from unrecoverable losses

Globally Competitive

We will never settle for mediocre returns that is why we optimize our algorithm with constant learning to provide returns that are the BEST in the WORLD of Binary Trading!

Low Commission

We have a standard 25% Commission charge on profit accrued through each month. Most Global Quantitative solution and funds charge over 35% profit share.

Get Started Right Away!

Don't sign up later, do it now. We have a 30-day FREE TRIAL available

Account Growth Expectations

Tailored and Dynamic Risk Management - Large capital generates increased profit.

Account Size Stake per Trade Est. Profit Per Trade Pot. Loss per Trade Estimate Profit after 30 days
$250 - $500 › ~$5.00 $3.75 $16.50 $222.75
$500 - $1,000 › $10.00 $7.50 $33.00 $445.50
$1,000 - $2,500 › $25.00 $18.75 $82.50 $1,113.75
$2,500 - $5,000 › $50.00 $37.50 $165.00 $2,227.00
$5,000 - $10,000 › $100.00 $75.00 $330.00 $4,455.00

Getting Started

Enjoy the benefits of active trading without the emotional struggle that accompnies it.
That is the power of Autobot

Register with Binary.com

Once you're done with the registration, simply go to settings and generate an API KEY.

Open a Reborn Account

Connect your trading account by opening an account with us

Watch your Account grow

After signing up with us. The magic begins, our autobot algorithm is active and searching market opportunities while you live life

We realized that for one to succeed at trading, Logic, Maths, Statistics and Probability are the main drivers. No amount of guessing and hope can help you achieve success without a head-on scientific approach.

During the development stage, Our core question was - How can we create an efficient system that takes away the emotional toggle of trading and still delivers consistent returns in the medium to long-term?

Automated and Algorithmic Trading would always be the best way to trade the markets
Compounding makes the returns become even more impressive.




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Don't sign up later, do it now. We have a 30-day FREE TRIAL available

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We are Simple Transparent and Dependable

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Autobot Monthly

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  • 25% Monthly profit sharing
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  • 90 days Validity
  • 25% Monthly profit sharing
  • Save $60 from Monthly Cost
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Autobot Yearly

  • 365 days Validity
  • 25% Monthly profit sharing
  • Save $341 on Monthly cost
  • Save $101 on Quarterly cost
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