AutoBot Trading

With autobot, you only have one main resposibility on your trading account which is to withdraw funds.

  • One time setup to connect your account to our trading server

  • an average growth rate of 5-20% daily depending on the balance of the account

  • 100% Uptime during market hours, Your account never stops growing

  • Involves profit sharing with Reborn 35% of profit

  • Broker available for and

  • Limited spaces on this service

  • BusyBee Signals

    Get alerts for Binary Option. These are high quality trades delivered on the telegram app with low latency.

  • Best for traders with a low and growing account balance

  • Standard trading hours from 06:00-19:00 (UTC)

  • Great for traders who have beginning experience

  • BusyBee signals profitability ratio is over 85% till date

  • Works perfectly with standard Binary Option brokers;
    Olymptrade,Expert Option,Iq Option,Dukascopy,BinaryCent,HighLow etc

  • superb 30/60 Minutes Expiry on Trades
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    72 hours Free Trial
    Setting up is super easy

    No Credit Cards. No special info. No Bullsh*t!

    Instant 72 hours trial for BusyBee Signals.
    We have been in the business of developing excellent trading algorithms to beat the market.

    Manual Trading is old school

    When traders make profit from manual trading, it's only a matter of time before they return those profits back to the broker because the human mind is inefficient. Believe it or not, the broker depends on your inconsistencies to always take your money.
    That can change now if you start with us.

    Multi-Broker Access

    Your broker choice is never a limitation, with BusyBee Signals, you receive signals to our telegram channel and can be traded on any broker of your choice.
    For Our Autobot service, We only provide services for and

    Absolutely! NO-ONE does it better

    With our services, you can relax and still be profitable.

    We've condensed our 5 years+ experience of trading the financial markets to build algorithms for Binary Options and create automated trading systems that make sure all our traders make profit from trading.

    Two powerful solution

    Simplified Process

    Making profits from Binary Option has never been easier in history

    Professionals! We have overwhelming testimonies from beta traders

    Pricing Plan - We got you covered

    BusyBee Signals


    • $0 Setup Fee
    • 72 hours Trial FREE
    • Requires manual entry from signals to your broker
    • Requires Telegram for receiving trade alert
    • No Setup required
    • Any Broker of your choice
    • NO profit sharing from client's profits
    • 24/7 priority support
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    Autobot Trading


    • Run everything on auto
    • Traders watch account grow 5-20% daily
    • Monthly Profit share of 35%
    • avaialble for two trusted brokers;
    • broker
    • broker
    • 100% UpTime during market hours
    • 24/7 priority support
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